The Construction Process

  1. Planning

If you are looking to create a custom home, bring us all of your inspiration: cut-outs, pictures, and sketches to help us understand your needs. We also have many plans available that we can alter to suit your specific needs. Our passion is creating custom homes and we want to make your dream home your reality!

The average Design Phase is typically 4-6 weeks in order to allow us to customize working blueprints. This process can be expedited based on how complete your plans are at the beginning of the design phase. Depending on the complexity of the plans, particular components may be tendered out in order to provide a firm quotation of the project costs.

Once all parties are satisfied with the blueprints and quotations, a detailed contract is then signed and we move forward to the Selection Phase.

2. Selection 

We’ve teamed up with Metric Design Centre to offer our Clients an option for the ultimate home design package. The Metric Design team can help you to take your Campbell Custom Home to the next level in Design. From unique exterior features to interior space planning, material selection, and custom tailored solutions, Metric Design can help to personalize every detail of your new home.

At Metric Design Centre our focus is to provide you with a simplified and less stressful solution when building, renovating or decorating. Our unique public showroom displays all products, samples, and catalogs for kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, lighting, furniture, window coverings and more. This offers you the ability to make all product selections in a single location with ease and confidence. Additionally, we offer the services of interior design professionals if you wish to take advantage of the profound benefits of a well-designed interior.

Our design conscious Clients are constantly impressed by the effortless selection process while working on projects in our inspirational showroom. So whatever your design endeavor Metric Design Centre is the perfect location for you to come and create your ultimate space.

Consultations and packages available, talk to a Campbell Homes representative for more details.

During the selection phase of the home building process, we provide you with information including which suppliers to visit. During this time you will make selections regarding your new home and will be guided each step of the way by our knowledgeable team at Campbell Custom Homes Ltd.

If there are any changes to your selections along the way, we ask that you submit a Change Order Form that indicates the change required and the related costs. We will work to accommodate any change requests as efficiently as possible.

3. Construction

The Construction Phase is where your blueprints begin to take form – it’s the shaping of your dreams! It is important to conduct site inspections during scheduled points in the construction process.

The following is a typical inspection schedule for homes in the Construction Phase:

  • After the framing stage is completed we will note any changes required and go over the electrical rough-in with you to ensure everything is going according to plan.

  • After the drywall is completed we will go over finishing details with you.

  • After the finishing is completed we recommend another inspection to ensure your satisfaction before painting begins.

  • After painting and just before the house is completed an inspection is conducted so we can note any outstanding concerns to allow us to correct them before the final inspection.

  • The final inspection is completed just before you move in. A certificate of possession is completed which will outline any outstanding concerns you may have so they can be corrected in an appropriate manner. All remaining paperwork is completed and you are given the keys to your new Dream Home!